Roof Underlayments

Titanium UDL  30
Air, water and vapor barrier. 30 year limited warranty
Class A Fire ASTM E108, Meets & exceeds ASTM D226
6 times lighter and 20 times stronger than #30 felt
All temperature performance -40°F to 240°F (-40°C to 115°C)
6 month UV exposure
Synthetic construction inert to mold growth.

® UDL-30  offers a reliable secondary layer of
 protection under all types of primary sloped roofing material. 
With TITANIUM's patented SURE-FOOT™ walking surface,
6 month UV exposure and all temperature performance rating,
your jobs will stay on track through all types of weather conditions.

titanium udl

Titanium PSU 30

High and Low temp / Ice damming

TITANIUM PSU 30 is an advanced,  slip resistant synthetic polymer
surfaced self-adhered membrane roofing underlayment for sloped
roof applications
subject to the effect of ice damming and wind driven rain.
With Micron Dispersion  Polymer (MDP) technology, TITANIUM  PSU30
rubberized asphalt delivers a unique combination of both high temperature
( 240F / 115 C ) flow resistance, and low temperature ( 40 F / 4.4 C ) deck
adhesion " ALL TEMP " performance.
This is combined with  a revolutionary patented slip resistant SURE FOOT
nodular walking surface technology a super touch, durable and reflective
gray synthetic polymer surface, a 3 month UV exposure rating and an
industry leading  30 year limited warranty.


SRP    AirOutShield Roof      ( Black )

AirOutshield Roof is a breathable,
triple layer, spun bonded
water resistant,
breathable underlayment
 for sloped roofs.
U V resistant.

Durable- Tear, rip and puncture resistant
reducing repairs and labour costs.


Drainage and Ventilation Underlayment

   Encamat ASV 7010    Metal Roof Underlayment
 Encamat ASV 7010 is highly recommended.
 10 millimeter thick nylon matrix underlayment
 used for drainage and ventilation in metal
 roofing applications.
 This product is used when a weather barrier
 membrane has already been placed on the
 sheathing and drainage and ventilation  layer
 is needed.

 -Promotes evaporation of moisture out of the
  roofing structure.
 -Reduces rooftop temperatures by 20%.
 -Light weight and easy to install.
 -95% open matrix provides unrestricted flow
  of water and air.

      Encamat 7010    Encamat_side__10

Wall Underlayments

SRP   AirOutShield Wall      ( Orange)
SRP AirOutshield is a breathable,
triple layer, spun bonded
water resistant, breathable  underlayment
 for rain screen wall systems.
The composition of SRP AirOutshield allows
vapour from within the wall assembly to pass
the membrane onto the exterior side of the membrane

where it dissipates.

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